Star Base

Consciousness – The final frontier. These are the voyages of The Universe Between Your Ears Podcast.

Our Mission – To explore collective wisdom, seek out amazing secrets and spread the message of personal potential.

Your Captains РTim Star and Gabriel Musheyev  (Who ARE these guys?)

Our worlds – our own personal universes – emanate from within our minds. What we think about influences how we experience life, and that means that it’s just about as awesome or as ugly as we choose to believe that it is. Want to feel more optimistic about YOUR universe? Go here to choose your voyage!

Every week, we bring you a new conversation. We talk with coaches, cancer survivors, neuroscientists, hypnotists, authors, philosophers… You get the picture. Each and every one has their own unique perspective on how to get the most from life, and we do our best to ask the questions you’d like to ask. And hey! If we miss something, let us know. If it’s worth sharing, we’ll go back & ask for you!

Our conversations frequently run down rabbit holes and back alleys because, well, that’s how conversations work; you talk about what’s interesting in what was just said. The primary goal is to have conversations that matter. How we get there is less important.