Tyron Cutner  –  Sharp-Dressed Man

Tyron Cutner is an image coach. He teaches men how to develop an appearance so sharp it changes their self image so they can achieve greatness in their careers and relationships.

We asked him, What’s the message you’re sharing?  “My message is, our appearance is more important than we think. If we improve it amazing things will happen.  My goal is to share my discovery, which is dressing well daily has psychological and social benefits few people experience.”

Just a few years ago, Ty Cutner was working as a bus driver – a job he hated.  He was a new father approaching the age of 30, and feeling like he was just floating through life. Until he was devastated by an event that forced him to take a hard look at himself.

He made a change to his daily attire and amazing things begin to happen. He started helping friends dress well and they begin having similar experiences.

Now he teaches men how to create an image that helps them achieve the psychological and social benefits of a sharp appearance

Listen in to find out how this perspective moved him from bus driver to COO of a non-profit organization in just a few months.

In this conversation:

  • Tyron was unhappy with how he looked
  • His world changed
  • Why he decided to upgrade his style of dress
  • The influence of Michael Corleone
  • His CEO friend asked for help
  • The reason for dressing sharp
  • People treat you the way you appear
  • Why he only works with men
  • The process
  • Image Builder
  • Improving everything about yourself
  • The importance of the fit
  • The universal skill
  • Men grow with challenge
  • The subliminal effects
  • The rules of classic menswear
  • Getting better with age
  • What we care about

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