Luiz Teixeira – Specificity and Decision

Luiz Teixeira is a Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker

He is also the Founder of UNEARTHING THE WILL, a coaching program designed to guide Talented Young Professionals who are hungry to outwork frustration & procrastination and ready to build their Emotional Immunity – a life full of Joy, Gratitude, Discipline and High Productivity.

Now, he feels the call to share his stories, misadventures, and help people to overcome their own limitations as they move towards something meaningful, purposeful, and joyful.

Topics in Part 1 include:

  • What is Emotional Immunity
  • You believe until you don’t
  • Suffering was his catalyst
  • How Luiz got started as a coach
  • Gabi admits his fear of commitment
  • The case for being specific about goals
  • Getting specific vs staying general in life
  • When you’re general, your life becomes general

In Part 2:

  • Blonde vs brunette
  • Step 1: stop suffering
  • Know when it’s time to look for help
  • The power of decision in his life

Don’t let this short list of topics fool you!  Part 2 is AT LEAST as good as Part 1!!!

More from Luiz Teixeira:

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Listen: Watch Part 2:


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