Scott Milnes – Building Great Relationships

As founder of The Great Relationship Academy, Scott Milnes is on a mission to help women and men achieve their best relationships now.

Through a unique process called the Circle of Love Coaching Method, he begins by helping people heal from recent breakups or divorce.  The goal is to enter the dating arena completely whole and healed, and make wise choices from that position of spiritual strength.

Teaching with heart, humor, and in-the-trenches experience, Scott’s starting a national conversation about what real love and connection is, and how to actually get there.  

Topics in Part 1 include:

  • Scott’s story
  • Only capable of a broken relationship
  • Struck sober
  • His 3 directives from God
  • eharmony kept his money
  • Scott quits drinking
  • Feel the burn or see the light
  • Getting clear on what you want in a partner
  • Seeing his wife with spiritual eyes
  • Getting clear on what really matters
  • The art of relationship and communication

In Part 2:

  • The common denominator
  • It’s an energetic universe
  • Is personal attraction important?
  • Safety first!
  • The importance of outside interests
  • Financial congruency
  • Losing yourself in a relationship

More from Scott Milnes:

Listen: Watch Part 1:
Listen: Watch Part 2:


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