Sarah Lenzini  –  Assertive Woman

Sarah Lenzini is a Certified Assertiveness Coach and strives to help women feel better about speaking up, saying “no,” and setting boundaries. She also works full time as an aerospace engineer and believes assertiveness  is not about acting aggressively, but is really about communicating your wants and needs firmly, fairly, and with respect and doing what’s right for you.

This is what she said when we asked Sarah what message she wanted to share…  “That you’re worthy and deserving of having your needs met, that saying “no” and asking for what you want is not something to feel guilty for, that setting boundaries is necessary in order to have healthy relationships, that you don’t have to tolerate bad behavior from anyone (including family), and that we teach people how to treat us, so pay attention to what you’re teaching them.”

In this conversation:

  • We teach people how to treat us
  • What IS crap?
  • Pack mentality
  • Guilt vs shame
  • The empowerment misunderstanding
  • Assertiveness vs aggression
  • The value of mirroring
  • Safety in a relationship
  • We’re only as sick as our secrets
  • Feeling guilty for things we’re unaware of
  • When YOU feel better, everyone else around you feels better





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