Roger Ramsukh – Raising Successful Kids

This is Roger’s 2nd appearance on The Universe Between Your Ears. We found his insights on parenting so valuable the first time around that we had to have him back right away. This time was no different. We hope you enjoy…

Subjects we talk about in this conversation:

  • How to counter-balance the effects of the social conditioning your child is exposed to at school
  • The dynamic between parents is often mirrored in the dynamic with their children
  • Why parents need to model the kind of behavior they want to see from their child
  • Family values start at conception
  • How to build happiness and self-esteem
  • Clues to detect a child with self-esteem issues
  • How to raise a child to be successful
  • The struggle with delayed gratification
  • Let’s get woo-woo

Listen to Pt1:

Watch Pt1:

Listen to Pt2:

Watch Pt2:

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