Rob Scott  –  Fundamental Shift

Rob Scott is a master level coach who helps people “shift their identities” and make dramatic breakthroughs in all areas of their lives. Over the past decade he has helped people who were struggling to succeed in various areas of life and work. Identity Shifting, pioneered by Rob, teaches people how to rewire their limiting beliefs, and ultimately leaves them completely transformed.

Rob has pinpointed humanity’s core issue, named the problem, and crafted a solution. It’s the problem of limiting our current identity. Rob has made it his mission to shift this mindset and create habits and behaviors that yield incredible outcomes. The result of this shift is people who are living to their full potential and achieving a level of success they once thought impossible to reach.

Please join us for an insightful conversation.

Topics in Part 1 include:

  • The skill of perceptioning
  • Passions and purpose
  • Pain vs pleasure
  • The value of surrender
  • Who is thinking these thoughts, if not me?”
  • Joy lives in the experience
  • Duality vs non-duality
  • The spiritual mistake of many gurus
  • Grief and sadness can be beautiful
  • The watcher vs the judger

In Part 2:

  • Watcher vs judger (cont.)
  • We are meaning-making machines
  • Almost everything works almost all the time
  • Your attention is a place
  • No advice at all
  • Love affair with the Universe
  • Suffering is resisting what is
  • Detached goals
  • Showing up
Listen: Watch Part 1:
Listen: Watch Part 2:


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