Rima Aboulhosen – The Pursuit of Mindfulness

Rima Aboulhosen is a heart-centered and empowerment speaker. She sees the world from two views. She was born in Lebanon and lived through a period of war. She later moved to the U.S., and had to adjust to a whole NEW world.

Multi-talented from years of experience working in Corporate America, and owning and operating her own businesses, including managing restaurants, and doing home design consulting and fashion consulting. Currently, she provides legal and identity protection services, working with Legalshield and IDshield.

She has a magical view of the world, which she describes as, ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Mindfulness.’ She says, “We are human and yes complicated. Let’s connect to be mindful of each other and see where we are more alike; to elevate each other and treat each other with greater dignity and respect.”

In part 1:

  • The lessons learned from her sister’s cancer
  • Being OK with not being fully you
  • The mindfulness habit
  • How Rima starts her day
  • Setting intentions
  • Intention alarms
  • The things we are being, day after day, become the people that we are and then become our life
  • Create a “To Be” list
  • Examining your list
  • The missing link
  • Realizing that you are a complete person at all times
  • Charting your whole life
  • Rima asks where Tim wants to be in a few years
  • Life is going by!

In part 2:

  • War story
  • How do we become better people?
  • The world isn’t as complicated as it seems
  • The value of exposure to other parts of the world
  • What is the greatest teacher?
  • Rima asks questions
  • You’re 1 in 7.5 billion
  • We’re just passing through stages
  • The value of detachment
  • How much would people change about their lives if they knew their expiration dates?

Please contact Rima via email:  rimaa45@gmail.com


Watch Part 1:


Watch Part 2:


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