Nicole Zeien-Cox  –  Foster to Fosters

Nicole Zeien-Cox is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, copywriter, marketing expert, and brand consultant, implementing neuroscience techniques and practices into her work.  She is also a serial entrepreneur, partnering with numerous other companies.  Outside of her latest business, Neuromarketing Nation, Nicole is the Production Manager for Think Bold, Be Bold Ventures, Project Coordinator for Startup Syndicate, and Board Member for Guardian Scholars Foundation.  Nicole is passionate about the art of storytelling and raising awareness for foster care and adoption.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Her Foster Care story
  • Why she wrote her book
  • You get to decide your future
  • Getting started will change your life
  • Becoming a Board member of a non-profit
  • Coaches
  • Reinforcing our belief systems
  • Choosing your relationships
  • Why does she believe anyone can create their own future?
  • Why relying on your own resources is the only safety net
  • Getting outside the comfort zone
  • Why she started bartending
  • The value of physical activity

More from Nicole Zeien-Cox:
Social:  @nicolezeiencox
Book:  Foster to Fosters



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