Morgan Wonderly – Simply Feminine

Morgan Wonderly is teaching women how to be feminine.  Watch or listen as we talk to the author of Simply Feminine: Surprising Insights from Men:

  • 80% of men have a masculine core.
  • Why are so many women in need of a femininity boost, and why is this unique to Western culture?
  • What do men think is the most feminine component of a woman?
  • A woman who operates from her feminine essence garners more attention and respect from both men and women.
  • Men are trellises, women are vines.
  • John Gray called to compliment the book.
  • Gabi gives advice for the next version of Morgan’s book.
  • Why do so many women feel the need to act in masculine ways?
  • Do masculine men get a bad rap?

Audio only:

Follow up with Morgan:
Simply Feminine Book


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