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Michael Namkung is an artist and entrepreneur. He has received awards for his work from the San Francisco Arts Commission, the Center for Cultural Innovation, the Tanne Foundation and the Andy Warhol Foundation, among others. He has exhibited his work in galleries, museums, universities, and in public spaces worldwide.

He has worked with hundreds of individuals through his Drawing Gym project, which combines drawing and physical exercise. He’s a multiple national and world champion Ultimate Frisbee player, and he applies his deep experience with flow states and the emotional life of high-performing athletes to the inner game of his art and entrepreneurship.

He was invited onto the show because the things he teaches entrepreneurs are valuable to the rest of us.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Myths about creativity
  • Even creative people struggle with their creative expression
  • Capitalism vs creativity
  • The expectation that an artist needs to struggle is invalid
  • What you create on the outside will mirror what’s been created on the inside
  • What constitutes “art”, and how do we know?
  • Context as definition
  • What function does using creative materials serve?
  • The body is a system of perceiving and knowing
  • All drawing is translated through the body
  • The importance of feeling our way into creativity

Listen to Pt 1:

Watch Pt 1:


Part 2 continues with one of our favorite conversations to date:

  • What does your soul want?
  • Opening the channel of self-expression
  • Awareness is the key
  • The present moment is the only place where things are real
  • Get out of your kids’ creative way
  • There’s value in the process
  • Modeling what you want your kids to learn
  • Drawing on walls; yes or no?
  • Boundaries
  • Contours & blind contour drawing

Listen to Pt 2:

Watch Pt 2:

More from Michael Namkung:

Web:  Michael Namkung
Facebook:  facebook.com/michael.namkung

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