Laura Petersen  –  From the OC to OMG

Laura Petersen is a tall Math and Psychology teacher turned podcasting entrepreneur, persuasive writing expert, Amazon bestselling author, international speaker, and the #1 authority for turning podcasters into author experts to grow their show, brand, and business.

Owner of Copy That Pops, Laura is the author of Copywriting for Podcasters: How to Grow Your Podcast, Brand, and Business with Compelling Copy, intended to help podcasters and podcasting entrepreneurs grow and better monetize their podcast, brand, and business by leveraging the power of bestselling published author status.

Since she is a true world traveler, much of our conversation centered around cultural differences and similarities, and the value of traveling.

Topics in Part 1 include:

  • The value of travel
  • The different ways we self-segregate
  • Stories about naked people
  • Douche party
  • “F*ck, yeah! America!”
  • Our hangups about sex and nakedness
  • The t-shirt story
  • You’re allowed to write a book
  • Being worried about impressing the Senior Princesses

In Part 2:

  • Take a deep breath and step out
  • The 5 people you spend the most time with
  • Copy That Pops podcast
  • Repurposing your experience or talents
  • You’re gonna suck for awhile
  • And you KNOW there’s more!

More from Laura Petersen:
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Listen: Watch Part 2:


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