Kyle Copeland – Therapy vs Coaching

Kyle Copeland is a former Cryptologic Linguist for the United States Air Force and served 5 years, conducting intelligence missions throughout Central and South America, as well as Afghanistan and the Middle East. During those 5 years, he accrued over 550 wartime combat flight aircrew hours and was awarded 5 Air Medals, in addition to other wartime honors.

He left the Air Force in 2015 to pursue opportunities in the private sector, but his carefully crafted life began to fall apart because of Addiction. In the shadows of his life, Kyle had been wrestling with personal demons, and had fallen into a variety of controlling addictions. After seeking solutions with therapists, chaplains, counselors, ecclesiastical leaders and more, but failing, he drifted into an oblivion of fear and depression.

Learn how Kyle was rescued from suicide. In Part 1 of this conversation, we talk about:

  • Addiction is a behavior that is both repetitive and destructive.
  • Therapists want to point the finger at your past, or other people, which places you into victimhood.
  • His belief systems (from an early age) led him to feel that he was a “piece of crap.”
  • In the private sector, Kyle went to an addiction recovery center, where he met with coaches, not therapists.
  • At the addiction recovery center, the conversation wasn’t about addiction. Instead, it was about how he viewed himself.
  • His stories of victimhood weren’t accepted.
  • The solutions in therapy sessions always carried a subtle sense that he was still the victim.
  • Coaching showed him that he had the power to change – through accountability.
  • Resistance to the new paradigm of personal responsibility.
  • There is no fix; only transformation.
  • “The universe I exist in is something I’ve created.”
  • The problem with beliefs.

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Be sure to check out Part 2

  • Hellfire and damnation… That sucks!
  • Now is the only time that is.
  • When there’s no meaning or judgment applied to the relationship, then all that is left is the relationship.
  • His opportunities have exploded due to his new level of integrity
  • It’s empowering to be able to say No
  • His commitments are much more powerful
  • It’s not the words that impact; it’s the state of being
  • A judgment of someone else is a projection of something we have yet to forgive about ourselves
  • If we can be conscious of our states of being, then we invite the whole world to shift
  • Kyle’s mentors & sources of inspiration: Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts, Shane Scott, Byron Katie
  • “My God had to change for me.”
  • Letting go of definitions allows you to experience
  • Accountability is not blame

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