Kim Sutton – Positive Productivity

Although she started her career as an interior architect working in large firms in Chicago, New York City, Connecticut and Ohio, the downturn of the economy in 2008 allowed Kim Sutton to find herself and discover her true life passions and purpose.

She is the host of the Positive Productivity podcast, and the author of Chronic Idea Disorder: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Overcoming Idea Overwhelm. In addition, Kim is the owner of Sutton Strategic Solutions, a digital marketing agency which helps coaches share their products and services with the people who need them most.

Topics discussed in this episode include:
How the Positive Productivity podcast came into being
• The Law of Attraction changed her life
• She was looking for a couch on Craigslist, but found her husband
• Have confidence in what you’re working towards and it WILL be a “WHAT”
• Go pee in the snow
• Be still, pray, and the answer will come
• There’s no such thing as balance
• The importance of saying No
• Be careful what you put out to the Universe
• The important opportunities won’t leave you alone
• No one can force us to make a decision
• The power of being still
• The value of stepping out of your comfort zone
• You’ll never be ready for any “next level” in your life



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