Justin Schenck – Growth Now

Justin Schenck is the host of the Growth Now Movement Podcast, has been named a Top 8 Podcaster to follow in 2018 by INC Magazine and chosen as an ‘Icon of Influence’ in the new media space. What started out as a way to connect with top people and inspire others has become a way of life. Now getting played in over 100 countries every single week he is able to make a greater impact than he could ever imagine. He not only speaks to organizations on how to overcome adversity and utilize podcasting to grow your business but he helps others launch and grow their own podcasts.

Justin and I talk about THIS stuff:

  • He found happiness in personal growth
  • Always be happy, but never satisfied
  • Focus on right now
  • Absorb and then do
  • Be your authentic self
  • Look for mentors or coaches who are at a higher level than you
  • A coach should ask questions that help YOU to fix your own problem
  • You need a mentor who will both support you and push you
  • Everything is your fault
  • Feel your feelings and then move on
  • Stop allowing your past to define who you are
  • Write your own damn ending
  • Your grand vision can be simple
  • You have to be flexible
  • Be open to new experiences
  • Enjoy the journey

Audio only:

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