Joie Cheng – The Naked Truth

Best-selling author, speaker, transformation coach, energy healer, and circle facilitator, Joie Cheng is on a mission to touch lives and inspire women to live as love.

Growing up, she endured many trials and tribulations including her parents’ messy divorce, two near-death experiences, bouts with depression, finding herself in an emotionally abusive relationship, and experiencing the death of her mother at age 27 and father at age 31.

However, it was through these experiences that she cultivated the empowerment tools of energy healing and life coaching and redesigned her life from the ground up.

Join us as we get naked about:

  • Understanding the importance of setting boundaries when caring for others
  • Balance/outside interests are important
  • Does giving attention to painful emotions heal or exacerbate the problem?
  • What is self love?
  • Self love sometimes requires us to make difficult decisions
  • How she was changed by participating in the 100 Days of Self Love challenge
  • Examples of self love statements
  • The power of accountability and group support
  • Self love saved her life
  • 2 simple practices to begin your self love process
  • Questioning her beliefs created space for new possible realities
  • There is never only one answer

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What’s in Part 2?

  • Energy healing
  • How her purpose found her
  • Healing gives her a high
  • Everything is just energy
  • And, of course, much more!

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