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Jill Richburg is an attorney, life coach, and acting teacher. In other words, she bores easily. One thing that has held her interest, though, is helping people improve their lives by learning to find and use their natural powers. She designed her own coaching system after being screwed by the Law of Attraction and falling asleep repeatedly during meditation. She teaches the Sanford Meisner acting technique at the Karamu House, the oldest black theater in the US, and earlier, taught for several years at the Matthew Corozine Studio in New York City.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

    • Buckets of coaches
    • Jill’s definition of Will
    • The Willingness List
    • Screwed by the Law of Attraction
    • The battle between Good and Evil
    • Life purpose vs counter-purpose
    • Gabi tries to summarize
    • The excitement comes when you’re on point with your purpose
    • Do thoughts or beliefs create things?
    • And, as always, MUCH more!  But this time?  Really!  MUCH MORE!

Listen to Pt 1:

Watch Pt 1:

Discussed in Part 2:

  • Do thoughts or beliefs create things?
  • Jill couldn’t “get” long division
  • Create miracles
  • Stories attract characters
  • Be the actor, not the character
  • Tim makes plans for a new t-shirt
  • Something bigger than us is going on around us
  • Gabi has to leave

Listen to Pt 2:

Watch Pt 2:

Discussed in Part 3:

  • Meditating on the train
  • What are you enslaved to?
  • Too many smoking guns
  • Dark matter and dark energy
  • Jill reveals her conversations with SOMETHING/SOMEONE “else”
  • Talking about channeling
  • “You’re not this smart.”
  • Changing the world
  • Getting happy
  • How does science progress?
  • Conspiracy theories

More from Jill Richburg:

Web:  Will Be Done Life Coaching
Email:  willbedone@mindspring.com

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