Jay Wong  –  Changemaker

Jay Wong is a serial entrepreneur, business advisor, real estate investor and host of The Inner Changemaker; launched as the #1 Self-Help Podcast on iTunes in 2015, and is consistently rated in the top 100 podcasts in iTunes Canada.

New Theory Magazine recently named Jay as one of the Top 40 Millennial Influencers to follow in 2018. Listen in (or watch!) to find out why!

Topics discussed in Part 1 include:

  • The link between mindset and successful
  • Entrepreneurs are artists
  • Jay’s story
  • Clarity comes only if you’re moving with momentum
  • “How can I help THEM?”
  • Leveraging his podcast
  • You never know who’s listening
  • It’s 100% about relationships

Topics in Part 2:

  • Value vs cost
  • The best advice Jay ever received
  • He “knew” at 17
  • What does it mean to “own” it?
  • What would he do with $10 million in the bank?
  • The value of a great personal brand
  • Money is an amplifier of who you are
  • Gabi argues against Jay’s answer to the money question

More from Jay Wong:

Listen to Part 1: Watch Part 1:
Listen to Part 2: Watch Part 2:


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