Jana Bresenden – Life After Death

Jana Bresenden has seen tragedy in her life. In her words:

“I lived a beautiful fairy tale: Hawaiian girl, meets Russian boy, they fall in love, marry and have beautiful children. That dream ended when my husband died of brain cancer on January 1, 2010. Our youngest son was just two years old. Left to pick up the pieces, I found the inspiration and will to create a life story worth living. Sharing my story is a thank you to my late husband and incredible community that make this beautiful life possible.”

Truth Teller. Love Warrior. World-Traveller. Widow and Mother of 3. Sharing stories that matter @janabresenden.com

Subjects we talk about in this conversation:

  • Why she shares her story
  • Find Your Plan C
  • Sharing allows for magic
  • Her husband has a brain tumor
  • Her heart broke open
  • Nothing cements a relationship like tragedy
  • If the house is going to burn, let’s go to Disneyland
  • The power of kickball
  • Live Your Life Day



More from Jana Bresenden:

Web:  janabresenden.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/findyourplanc
Email: hello@janabresenden.com



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