Jacqui Letran  –  Stop the Bully

Jacqui Letran is a Multi-Award Winning Author, International Speaker, Nurse Practitioner, and Founder of Healing Minds and the host of the Stop the Bully Within podcast. Jacqui teaches that success and happiness are achievable by all, regardless of current struggles and circumstances.

A gifted and energetic Mindset Mentor, Jacqui dedicates her life’s work to help her clients and students transform their inner critic into their best friend and cheerleader, so they can overcome any obstacles and create the life they deserve.

In Part 1, Jacqui has LOTS to say about:

  • If you stop being your own bully, the external bully won’t affect you
  • An abusive situation is evidence of the OTHER person’s problems
  • Figure out what causes your response to something and change it from the root
  • No matter what you’re struggling with, it’s caused by one of 4 beliefs:
  • Not enough
  • Not worthy
  • Not loved or lovable
  • Not safe
  • Why people don’t follow the very advice they ask for
  • You can heal by revisiting past events with a new perspective
  • Forgiveness of self is critical
  • The Universe will deliver what you ask for
  • Chase the emotion, not the story

Audio only:

Don’t miss Part 2!  We discuss:

  • What you focus on you create
  • Forgiving yourself frees you to make better decisions
  • Tim tries to ask questions as Gabi would
  • You have full control of 3 things
  • Your thoughts
  • Your words
  • Your body
  • Who are you 3 months from now?
  • What do YOU want vs what does your EGO want?
  • It will take practice being the way you want to be

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