Elsie Ritzenhein – Creative Education

Elsie Ritzenhein is a creativity expert, author, speaker and respected pioneer in leadership consulting. Co-author of Generative Leadership/Shaping New Futures for Today’s Schools (2008), she has held a variety of educational roles for over 50 years. Elsie’s primary interest is generative thinking and action, and she is developing courses to challenge the status quo in positive, provocative and creative ways.

Subjects we talk about in Part 1of our conversation:

  • What is Generative Leadership?
  • What a parent can do to shift a school’s perspective on the teaching process
  • Believe in your child’s creativity
  • Provide as many opportunities as possible for your kids
  • Ask questions & LISTEN
  • It’s possible to teach math & science with creativity
  • Creativity is more than playing with ideas
  • The playground metaphor
  • Nothing that’s creative comes from the outside in
  • Creativity can be terrifying to today’s teachers




Don’t miss Part 2 of our discussion with Elsie!:

  • These same ideas around creativity applied to the corporate world
  • Helicopter parenting
  • The conversation is critical
  • There has to be action as a result of the conversation
  • We’re not asking the right questions at any level
  • Women now have the capacity to use their feminine voices in ways that they never could before
  • It’s about balance, not equality
  • Will the Millennial generation solve the problem?
  • The Baby Boomers need to go away?
  • Education doesn’t just happen in a classroom
  • The truth will come out!
  • We are the butterflies who speak


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