Delora Guignion – Mindsex Mentor

Delora Guignion is a Mindsex Mentor who works with men and women, combining mindset and sexual energy work to create sizzle between the sheets, passion in their life AND profit in their business.

“Once you’ve tapped into the power of your sexual energy, there are no areas off limits, no desires too big and no goals that can’t be conquered. Now I walk people through a transformation from inhibited and not daring to ask for what they want – in business or the bedroom – to confident and commanding of pleasure in every facet of their life.”

In Part 1 of our conversation we hit on:

  • How she became a mindsex mentor
  • The connection between money and sex
  • You can’t see your own blind spots
  • Sex/money issues are almost always related to self-worth issues
  • When the Universe wants to tell you something, it gets louder and louder until you are forced to pay attention
  • And as always – MORE!



Part 2 gets even more interesting:

  • Most people are lemmings
  • The importance/necessity of a 3rd party as coach
  • Not everyone is ready for the message
  • You have to love your body BEFORE you work to change it, or you won’t love it then
  • The cycles of self-sabotage
  • What it takes to make an open relationship work
  • Why she doesn’t believe in “forever”
  • How women’s sex drives can go dormant
  • Guys: doing the dishes can be foreplay
  • It’s time to have the discussion about the sex/power connection
  • Women sexualize women, just as men do
  • Men have body image issues, too
  • Pay attention to your partner



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