Craig Kulyk – Create Good Mornings

Craig Kulyk writes about how habits, productivity and mindfulness intersect with creating good mornings. Although, his relationships with mornings haven’t also been so rosy. He used to be the kind of person who would start his day as late as possible, hit snooze at least 7 times, and was known as a morning grouch.

His positive relationship with mornings began in 2012 when he started to work from home. He realized quickly that if he didn’t make the most of his morning, the day would slip away. He’d work into the evening and still feel like he didn’t get that much done. As Craig invested more and more into mornings, he gradually discovered a gold mine of creativity, productivity and fulfillment that led him to start the blog, Create Good Mornings. Through his candid writing and crappy stick figure drawings, he shares tools, insights and tactics to help you customize your own good mornings on your own terms.

Join us as we talk about:

  • Creating new morning routines improved the rest of his day
  • Small wins are crucial to a sense of fulfillment
  • At least you made your bed!
  • Get clear on WHY you want to create a new habit/routine
  • Gabi rebels against routines
  • Different personalities form habits in different ways
  • The value of focusing on your immediate experience
  • Will meditation become viewed as the next physical exercise?

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