Chris Burns – Be Your Greatest Possible Self

Since growing up lost, numb and disconnected, hitting rock bottom, and winding up in a VERY scary place years ago, Chris Burns has hired numerous coaches and invested well over 10,000 hours into the fields of communication, business, and leadership.

Now, Chris coaches entrepreneurs and high-achievers to develop a fiery, unstoppable mindset, take courageous, confident and consistent action, and create MASSIVE impact in the world. He’s spoken at 90+ live events across the United States, to rooms of more than 250 people, and in the last 10 months, Chris has interviewed over 160 inspirational role models, influencers and leaders on his weekly, 12-hours-straight livestreamed podcast called Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self.

Chis always delivers with high energy and enthusiasm. Listen in to Part 1 of the discourse as he talks about:

  • Using video games to compensate for feelings of powerlessness
  • How he learned what love is
  • The source of his change in life perspective
  • The danger of labels
  • Shifting your focus to serving others as a means of personal growth
  • The value of being around committed people
  • How you self-identify is critical
  • The computer between your ears

Audio only:

Part 2 of our talk only gets better:
  • Chris describes his “Who am I, really?” self-identity exercise
  • Reverse engineer your vision
  • You’re at the perfect place in your journey
  • It’s tough being human!
  • What is emotional mastery?
  • Flip the formula
  • What do you want people to say about you when you leave the room?
  • How to “level up” your social connections
  • Let go of attachments and comparisons

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