Chelsey Jackson – Wow, Universe!

Chelsey Jackson is a young woman excited about sharing what she knows. A fan of Abraham-Hicks, and just a lot of fun to talk to. How could we resist?

We talk about:

  • What draws Chelsey to the Abraham-Hicks material?
  • Why she started her podcast
  • A YouTube video was a turning point in her life
  • Gabi goes to the bar at 11AM
  • How to be a holder of the light for others
  • Chelsey’s creation process
  • The purpose of vision boards
  • Harvesting happy emotions
  • The crappy place is useful
  • Changing a thought to change your life
  • Wow, Universe!
  • Fear and procrastination
  • The dog on a nail
  • How to change how you feel about your life
  • Staircase analogy

More from Chelsey Jackson:
Instagram:  @chelseyb.jackson

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