Ana Levin – Mosaic Healings

When we asked Ana Levin what she hoped to accomplish by being on The Universe Between Your Ears, she said, “To spread the message of compassion and energy healing and connect with those who seek to be whole again by letting go of the stories they have created by experiencing trauma.

In 2014 I had an experience while in a kundalini yoga class that awakened me to a life that was more familiar to me, but one that I had forgotten. I had always felt like a stranger in this life and in this experience, suddenly I felt I had come home.

Soon after, I started to have experiences that felt familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. I wanted to understand better, but understanding only came later. My senses became heightened, my inner seeing allowed me to see things the naked eye cannot see, and suddenly I was able to know things there was no way I could know. My intuition exploded.

In order to try to better understand, I took many courses and spent time alone deeply connecting to the healing abilities that were pouring through me. I questioned them, doubted them, and still they grew stronger and stronger. My mind questioned everything, but my heart just kept saying to me, keep walking. I became a Reiki Master and Quantum Source Healer and again in the initiation I felt the power within me multiply.

Because matters of the heart have always been the force that has driven me, I work with people to heal their emotional wounds so they can live a meaningful life by trusting in the power of their heart. My heart-centered approach opens people and companies to the emotional wisdom that allows them to see the same things they have always seen, but from a different place: a fully connected heart.

For those to whom this matters, I graduated with High Honors with a Masters of Science in Psychology. I became distinguished in the career of teaching, working with children of all ages and different nationalities. I soon saw that the power of the divine love that flows through me, allowed others to feel safe enough to change, and then went on to become certified in the field of coaching from the prestigious IPEC Coaching Program.
Although I am proud of my academic achievements, they are not what brings me in front of you today. What brings me here now is a calling of my heart that consistently and gently whispers to me and to you: trust in the power of your heart.

In part 1:

  • Walls around her heart
  • Trust in the power of your heart
  • The heart has a wisdom that surpasses any other
  • We all want to be validated
  • We’re perfectly imperfect for a reason
  • The world needs a revolution of bliss
  • Technology addiction
  • The Mosaic story
  • Knowledge + heart wisdom + life experience = healing
  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment

In part 2:

  • Sharing Truth
  • Are we ready?
  • All the answers are inside of us
  • Peaks and valleys
  • We’re constantly changing
  • Ana resists her calling
  • “If only you could see that there is no destination”
  • We’re not meant to do one thing

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