Alida McDaniel – Woman on a Mission

With 13 years in the coaching industry, Alida uses her passion for comparative religions to guide clients on journeys of deep self discovery and the creation of excellence. She specializes in holistic health and lifestyle with the understanding that our internal ecology is the foundation by which we create our outer reality.

Alida McDaniel is on a mission.  Join us on Part 1 as we talk about:

  • Comparative Religions
  • The early Biblical writings were about oneness, not one God
  • The body is only a small fraction of who we are
  • Her toxic metal attitude kept her “addicted” to food and bad behaviors
  • Her ultimate goal: millions of people working toward higher consciousness and connection to the earth
  • Feeling good is a choice
  • Virtual Reality is a threat to self-enlightenment
  • If you don’t take ownership of your responsibility to self-monitor your input, you will lose your ability to create greatness
  • It’s OUR choice to liberate our minds from the status quo
  • Americans are looking for a savior
  • We can shift the tides

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What’s in Part 2?

  • Most people are lemmings
  • Everything starts with our personal beliefs and our attachmenets
  • Every day is a lesson plan for the school of life
  • Why does it seem that all of life’s lessons have to be hard?
  • Inner ecology
  • Put parameters on your prayers
  • How to override/overwrite long-held beliefs/programs
  • We get addicted to our emotional experience on a cellular level
  • Is the Law of Attraction the work of Satan?
  • We have to be ready to challenge everything we believe
  • Bacon did great things to Gabi’s body
  • Alida defines Quantum Consciousness
  • You are creating NOW
  • Many people are unable to receive a Big Picture message until they experience something different
  • Yoga is goal setting…?
  • The importance of the process of readiness
  • And, of course, much more!

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Coming in 2018 from Alida:
Podcast: Alpha Minds and Hearts
Cooking show: Eat, Glow, Rise


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