2018 Year-End Recap

2018 is done!  Just like every year, we find ourselves saying, “It went by SO fast!”  And, just like every year, this is the time when we look back to remember the experiences we had.

The Universe Between Your Ears was born out of a desire to have interesting conversations without limits on time, topic, language or guest profile.  Gabi and I feel that we’ve managed to accomplish that goal with a fair amount of success.  We hope that you feel the same way.

We started out to satisfy our own desires, but we also want to help others along the way.  With that in mind, we’re planning to continue into 2019, with new guests, new topics, and deeper discussions, but we’d love to know what YOU would like to see from the show.  So, if you have a suggestion, please use the Contact Star Fleet form on this page to let us know!

In this conversation:

Just like the title suggests, this is a recap of the year gone by.  We talk about quite a few of our guests, the structure of the show, how certain episodes have affected us, and where we plan to take the show in 2019.

Like every conversation we seem to have on the show, Gabi and I covered as much as we could, but just couldn’t go over all of the episodes in detail.  If you were a guest and we didn’t drop your name, please don’t feel slighted.  We enjoyed having each and every one of you join us!!!  But it just wasn’t possible to talk about 52 separate shows in anything resembling a reasonable amount of time.  

Whether you’re an audience member or a guest (or both!), we thank you for being a part of our journeys through The Universe Between (Y)our Ears.

If you haven’t already done so, please subscribe, rate and review the show wherever you consume it.  It really goes a long way toward helping us to continue.

Thank you, and we’ll see you in 2019!

Tim and Gabi




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