The Voyages

Star Date: 1/15/2018

The Universe Between Your Ears was launched on January 15, 2018.  We hope you were there for the digital ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Mayor of The Universe.  We certainly enjoyed it!  Those scissors were HUGE, weren’t they?

Your voyages into the final frontier – consciousness – begin here.  Just click to launch!

The Universe Between Your Ears is also available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, etc.  This would be a GREAT time to subscribe!  Click here to do it from your favorite source.


Episode #001: Berns Bedard – Bikinis and Cancer

Episode #002: Bri Seeley – Leap of Faith

Episode #003: Kyle Copeland – Therapy vs. Coaching

Episode #004:  Lisa Winston – Say Yes!

Episode #005: Chris Burns – Become Your Greatest Possible Self

Episode #006:  Alida McDaniel – Woman on a Mission

Episode #007:  Morgan Wonderly – Simply Feminine

Episode #008:  Dr. Jane Guyn – Let’s Talk About Sex!

Episode #009:  Craig Kulyk – Create Good Mornings

Episode #010:  Sean Douglas – Beyond Addiction

Episode #011:  Joie Cheng – The Naked Truth 

Episode #012:  Justin Schenck – Growth Now

Episode #013:  Jacqui Letran – Stop the Bully

Episode #014:  Delora Guignion – Mindsex Mentor

Episode #015:  Elsie Ritzenhein – Creative Education

Episode #016:  Alex Manzi – Dreamer’s Disease

Episode #017: Sheila Sutherland – Oh, Shift!

Episode #018: Barb Wallick – Wealth Transformation

Episode #019:  Roger Ramsukh – What Are You Modeling?

Episode #020:  Lynda “Sunshine” West – The Year of Fears

Episode #021:  Jana Bresenden – Life After Death

Episode #022:  Kathy Dale – Conscious Pathways

Episode #023:  Roger Ramsukh – Raising Successful Kids

Episode #024:  Kim Sutton – Positive Productivity

Episode #025:  Tammy Wise – BodyLogos

Episode #026:  Dolores Fazzino – Recovering Healthcare

Episode #027:  Michael Namkung – Ultimate Creativity

Episode #028:  Jamie King Hunt – Calm in the Chaos

Episode #029:  Brad & Kasey Wallis – Channeling Julius pt1

Episode #030:  Brad & Kasey Wallis – Channeling Julius pt2

Episode #031:  Jill Richburg – Will Be Done

Episode #032:  Adam McBride – Concierge Chiropractic

Episode #033:  Nicole Zeien -Cox  –  Foster to Fosters

Episode #034:  Lee Jagger  –  August 20

Episode #035:  Chelsey Jackson  –  August 27


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