The Crew

When you take any journey, you want to feel assured that the people at the helm are trustworthy.

While the navigators are different on each  voyage, your captains remain steadfast.  Remember to salute when you enter the Bridge.

Tim C Star

Gabriel Musheyev

Tim C. Star is a trainer of personal growth principles.  He is host of The Universe Between Your Ears Podcast, a mentor for youth, a professional speaker, and the author of 2 books in the Law of Attraction arena: My Name is Prosperity and Where’s My Stuff?

Mr. Star was born and raised in the blue collar environment of Chicago’s South Side. His home roots provided little expectation of rising above the daily grind where so many spend their lives.

This background, plus the analytical eye of a natural skeptic, mixed with a lifetime of recreational consumption of a wide range of “new thought” ideas, quantum mechanics and personal experience, resulted in a personal life perspective that demands practicality, but is also open to future opportunities.

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Gabriel Musheyev brings awareness of diverse points of view from his formative years growing up in a Sephardi Jewish diaspora in Uzbekistan, inspired by the ideals of communism as a Soviet youth in the 1970s and 80s, in the convergence of Muslim ethos and Russian popular culture.

Gabi enjoys sharing the knowledge and tools necessary for finding peace, hope, clarity, and to access deep levels of love and freedom. He is a creator of the spirituality tool “42-letter Name of God” for iOS devices, a co-organizer of the Abraham-Hicks meetup, and a co-captain in the voyages of The Universe between Your Ears Podcast.